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Welcome to the Para-IT™ Training and Certification Web Site!! 

The Mission Statement for Para-IT™ is the development of Business Soft Skills and Business IT  skills for adults with learning challenges. These skills and certification will be used for employment in any sector of the knowledge-based economy.

This Website reaches out to adults who belong to the any one or more following six groups:

1) Adults with Learning Disabilities
Adults with learning challenges that may stem from a Mild Intellectual Disability, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, or in some cases collectively referred to as the Autism Spectrum, and  adults with dyslexia  will benefit greatly from Para-IT training and certification.

2) Indigenous Adults in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
The indigenous population is the fastest growing cohort in Canada. Many have relocated in urban areas such as the GTA. Their professional development needs are unique and need to be addressed in order for them to reach their full potential.

3)Skilled and Semi-Skilled Workers
North America has experienced a significant loss of manufacturing jobs. Many workers need to learn new skills in order to be reemployed in the knowledge-based Industries

4) Senior Workers
Baby-boomers are set to retire in large numbers in Europe and North America. There will be a chronic shortage of skilled workers, which will require senior workers to delay retirement in order to meet this predicted shortfall of skills and personnel.

5) Return to work Spouses
Spouses and single mothers need to return to the work force after a absence of several years devoted to child rearing. The passage of time has seen big changes in the work environment requiring new skills in order to catch up with the fast moving information age.

6) War Veterans
Having served their country valiantly and risked their lives so that the rest of us will have a safer future, veterans now need training to help them to return to the civilian workforce.

    Another group, consisting of highly trained newcomers from all over the world, are also helped through a four month volunteer mentorship program administered by the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Consortium (TRIEC.)


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The PARA-IT™ training is directed towards preparing candidates for the Pre-Professional or Para-Professional layer of business support.

Para-IT focuses on two fundamental and generic skill sets that are pervasive in the knowledge-based industry. These are Business Soft Skills and Business IT.
For an outline of our curriculum and expected outcomes, please watch the video below.

The inclusive nature of Para-IT offers post-secondary certification for learning challenged adults at three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.
The pace of delivery and content of the Para-IT course is particularly suited for this cohort of adults.
The goal of the Para-IT certification is to provide a pathway to part-time or full-time employment for its candidates.

The Para-IT training is delivered through the following blended learning options:
a) One-on-one training,
b) Support for Online Courses and
c) Video Conferencing.




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