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The Para-IT Curriculum is composed of three sections:
•  Foundation Skillsets
•  Core Competencies
•  World View

Foundation Skillsets affect all further knowledge and skills acquisition and consist of three sub-sections.

1) Time Management
2) Learning How to Learn
3) Unified Model of Soft Skills

Core Competencies are a collection of knowledge and skillsets expected by employers in the knowledge-based industry. These include Numeracy, Interpersonal, language and communication, Financial and IT & C skillsets.

A candidate's World View and hence his/her ability to engage in conversation, discussions, debate or negotiate, market and sell, is further enhanced by a knowledge-base that comes from Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Liberal Arts and Volunteer experience.


Candidates work towards Para-IT Certification at Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels through one-on-one instruction using an individually customized version of the curriculum as shown above.

The content for the above curriculum components was developed by Para-IT but considerable use is made of Massive Online Open Courses, MOOCs, as offered by,,, and
The original MOOC content is usually not suitable for our interns as most of it has been develop by universities worldwide and better suited for undergraduates. Hence, Para-IT staff provide an additional layer of simplification in order for this content to be suitable for our interns. Nevertheless, the emergence of MOOCs has created a unique opportunity for our challenged learners to take university level courses.


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