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The purpose of this section is also to inform all stakeholders of the business opportunities associated with Para-IT certification. These include educational establishments, Federal and Provincial agencies, Chambers of Commerce and businesses. This section is intended for a quick introduction and dissemination of the Para-IT concept to a wide audience. The feedback from stakeholders will continue to influence the scope, direction and priorities of the Para-IT certification process.

Para-IT accepts adults who want to develop professionally by learning office based skills required in the knowledge-based industry. While our initial focus was on intellectually challenged adults, it is recognized that a wider cohort of neuro-typical workers can also be served at
Para-IT. Para-IT is a post-secondary certification program in Soft Skills and Information Technology. This certification program will prepare persons with learning challenges for general office work in most businesses where Information Technology skills and interpersonal skills are required.  Para-IT offers an unique opportunity for post-secondary education and certification where such an opportunity, which involves one-on-one instructor/student interaction, is not feasible at community colleges and universities. This allows us to focus on the individual learning needs of our interns. Our curriculum, which focuses on Foundation Skills has also responded to the requirements of employers by addressing Core Competencies. A broader World View is also encouraged by picking topics from the Liberal arts.

Information Technology has created many opportunities that burden professional knowledge workers with number of repetitive, low-skilled tasks. These tasks do not require specialized training but never the less need to be done in order to preserve the integrity of the system. It is the premise of the Para-IT certification program that businesses will be better served if these tasks could  be done by workers with lower qualifications if they were trained and certified at an appropriate level.  Other factors that now make this concept more urgent and viable are demographic realities that have resulted in labour shortages for skilled workers.

 Para-IT is a Trade Mark of Meadowvale Information Technology Inc.

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