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Challenged learners are graduating from high school with insufficient credits to get into university or community colleges. Community colleges have responded by creating Vocational Courses where groups of as many as 30 students are placed in a single class, with the same curriculum. Regionally the total number vocational seats do not exceed about 100 per year for a cohort that measures in the thousands.
The Para-IT training program was developed to address the following needs:

!) Challenged learners require one-on-one instruction to address their varied and complex intellectual needs

2) An Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) needs to be developed for each intern based on a flexible curriculum that suits the strengths of the intern

3) This professional development involves the development of employable skills and must be directed to the labour market needs in the Pre-Professional Layer.

What is the Pre-Professional Layer in the Labour Market?

The above hour glass shaped diagram is based on work done by the Toronto Workforce Innovation Group. It roughly represents a snapshot of the labour market in the GTA. The vertical direction represents increasing qualifications and skills while the horizontal width represents the size of the cohort, at that skill level. The shape of this diagram is affected by the aging demographics of the region.
The blue zone represent the profession layer or group of University graduates with professional certification. The Skilled Trades are also included in the professional layer. Below this we have the gray and green zone which represent the Pre-Professional layer. The pre-professional layer, which is made up of mostly high school graduates, supports the professional layer.

The Pre-Professional layer is large and competitive as it includes neuro-typical high school graduates with experience. Para-IT interns are trained in interpersonal and generic technical skills to compete for jobs in the Pre-Professional layer.



The above is an partial list of opportunities for high school graduates with post-secondary training.
Para-IT provides challenged learners will the inter-personal skills and generic technical skills to integrate professionally into the above opportunities. Their
skill sets will allow them to take advantage of any focused training offered by their future employers.

Another option it to run a home based business.
Para-IT has a wealth of corporate and small-business experience and knowledge that can be shared with its interns.


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